Animals to Look Out for When Hiking in Canada

Canada is a hiker's paradise, there's no doubt about it. But aside from the stunning landscapes featuring mountains, glaciers, ravines, coastlines and just about everything else you could imagine, there are also plenty of fascinating wild animals to try and spot during your time in Canada. Hiking holiday enthusiasts heading off on a guided walk may want to keep a close eye out for these ones below.

Polar Bears

Polar bears have a fearsome reputation, so you'd do well to keep your distance if you do spot one! These majestic creatures live in the Arctic Circle so you'll have to venture north to see them, and you may find guided walks that are dedicated to spotting them. Threatened by global warming and the receding ice at the North Pole, there are real worries that polar bears may face serious survival problems in the future. If you can, get to see them now before it's too late.


Beavers are large rodents famous for their dam-making, and although they are considered pests by some due to their efficiency at felling trees, they are a special animal and one to look out for. Beavers are found all over North America, so there is a good chance you may see some of these quirky creatures when you visit Canada. Hiking holiday specialists may even be able to take you to places where they know there is a good chance of spotting one.

Grizzly Bears

Another bear you don't want to get too close to is the grizzly bear. Bear safety has to be taken seriously when in Canada, so if you do come across one of these then keep your distance. Grizzly bears hunt for salmon and are often found around streams and rivers, but your best bet for seeing one may be on a guided walk with seasoned animal experts.


Moose are still fairly common in these parts so there is a good chance you may be able to see one while in Canada. Hiking holiday organisers will normally advise you not to get too close to these large creatures, so always be sensible. Although they are not as dangerous as grizzlies and polar bears it doesn't pay to take chances. Moose are solitary so you are more likely to see them alone, apart from during the mating season during the autumn. Again, make sure you keep your distance as this is also the time when the males start to fight.

Look Out for These Animals

The above comprise just a small selection of the animals that you may encounter when you head off for a trip to Canada. Hiking holiday enthusiasts should definitely keep an eye out for them in the wilds of Canada, and you may get lucky - but just remember to always be respectful of the animals and to never get too close.

Tony Maniscalco is the Sales and Marketing Manager for Ramblers Worldwide Holidays. Join us on a Canada hiking holiday to see scenic locations & landscapes at the best value prices. We offer over 250 guided group walking holidays in over 65 different countries.