Trekking for Beginners - How to Get Into Hiking

The wonderful world of hiking lies waiting for you. Jump into hiking this year and experience natural wonders that can't be seen or experienced any other way. Hiking provides for a lifetime of memories, experience, increased fitness level and is something that can be enjoyed by the whole family. There is a social connection associated with hiking and stronger family bonds are created through this great sport.

Before you hit the trails assess your own fitness level. Then consult your local outdoor store for advice on local areas best geared for your first hiking experience. If you live in an area where hiking opportunities abound then your choices will be large. Pick a day hike depending on your ability anywhere from a couple of hours to a full day to get you started.

Also plan to go out in good weather. Don't make your first hike a wet, cold and windy experience, you may never do it again.

Some simple tips to get you started oncd you've chosen your first path to head out on.

Hike with a friend, family member or group.

Do a little light stretching before heading out.

Have a good breakfast in you and make sure you are well hydrated before you leave.

Pack along some good quality snacks such as nuts, dried fruit, dark chocolate, granola.

Make sure you bring along enough water or a water filtration pump if you know there is water along the way that you can access and pump from.

Trekking poles are fantastic if you've got them.

Bring along some layers of clothing in case of changing weather (never underestimate Mother Nature) including head gear, rain gear and warmth.

If you are using newer hiking boots break them in first before heading out and protect areas that might blister by covering them up before heading out with some soft padding. (Spongy cosmetic pads work great for this).

Do bring along a simple small first aid kit that contains the basics for treating minor injuries.

Depending on where you are heading out a compass or map would also be a great idea to bring along.

Bring along a camera to document your trek and the sights you will experience.

Most of all take it easy and hike at a leisurely pace. Listen to your body and take as many breaks along the way as you need to enjoy your day. Hiking is about the experience, the journey.

Happy Hiking!

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