Hiking The Vickery Creek Trail Complex

This trail complex encompasses the north knoll of the Chattahoochee River which is east of South Atlanta St. Highway 9. The trail's length runs 6.5 miles on this section of the Chattahoochee National Recreation Area. The trail is exclusive for hiking where it does not go near the Chattahoochee River at all and instead explores much of the knoll. The Vickery Creek owes its name from a mixed-blood Cherokee woman named Vickery who own the property where the creek is formed.

At the north end of the parking lot on the Riverside Road, make your way to the entrance and set forth on the trail's path. Approximately 0.1 of a mile the path splits and just take the path straight ahead which leads to the bluff. The path becomes arrow which may be dangerous for young children. Take heed with the warnings posted around the vicinity. Move past this and make a right turn and then the path begins its ascent to the top of the knoll.

Marking 0.5 of a mile, the path leads you to a historic road. Follow the path north of the old Roswell Covered Bridge and continue turning right which leads you to the Roswell Mill. At the top of the ridge, the access trail meets a dead end. At this point circle around the knoll starting from the right where the pathway becomes level. At this point, the area offers several excellent views down the knoll where a gorge can be seen below.

The trail then approaches Grimes Bridge Road and makes a left turn. It then makes a series of uphill and downhill traverse where it leads you next to a map stand. At your right, there is a trail which proceeds to a footbridge that crosses the Vickery Creek and ultimately reaches the Oxbo Trail. From this junction the pathway meanders left following the route to Roswell Mill dam. Take the left section on this intersection and then make a curve to the right on a downhill path to the river.

At Vickery Creek's spillway dam, return to the top of the knoll and make a right turn. The treadway switches to a sharp descent to a covered bridge. Go further straight on this path as the trail joins the river. As you move down the footpath, a trail on the left marks the return trail. Yet, move past this for now and curve right to a switchback and then make a left turn after that. The trail ends at the creek where you can take a look at the surrounding habitat before heading back to the return trail.

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