Hiking The Wolfden Loop Trail

This trail is at the Meriwether County in Georgia which takes a 6.7-mile hike towards waterfalls, streams, and camping grounds. The whole loop is a combination of Pine Mountain Trail's 5 mile stretch and the Beaver Dam Trail's 1.7 mile hike. In the Pine Mountain Trail section, waterfalls are nestled here which make this journey worthwhile. To start the trail, set off from the Roadside Park on GA 85W and move to the northwest section where trail marker leads to a tower. Sign-in at the kiosk with a brown roof and then proceed to the footpath on the right section.

The pathway starts an easy downhill traverse to the Woflden Branch. As you proceed at around 0.7 miles the pathway leads to some moss-covered rocks which then makes a curve to the left after this. You will then emerge to Dry Falls as the pathway then moves down to the Wolfden's Branch where you will rock hop across the stream which is a tributary of Cane Creek.

Move further past the Mile Marker 22 where you will meet Csonka Falls on the right. Go straight ahead crossing rock and onto a single rail wooden footbridge. The next feature on this trail is Big Rock Falls at 1.4 miles where you will notice a huge rock formation. Proceed further ahead as trail joins the Slippery Rock Falls and notice the pathway becomes increasingly damp. The loop trail then makes an ascent to a trail marker on Bumblebee Ridge campground and then leads to a steep cliff before descending to cross Wolfden Branch.

Make a quick ascent to the top of the small knoll before crossing Cascade Branch just after the Mile Marker 21. At this point, the pathway makes a loop as the pathway makes an ascent to a set of stone steps. The trail then leads to a rock wall and onto the base of the cliff. The pathway then proceeds to the confluence of Wolfden Branch and Cascade Branch. Cross these two streams and the pathway then leads you to the Old Sawmill camping ground on your left. The trail then makes a downhill hike passing a tree named Ferney.

After passing a dam, the path curves left to make another u-turn before crossing a creek. Climb up to the top of Hogback Mountain as you enter into Mile Marker 20. Turn right and climb to Mile Marker 19 before descending to a wet-foot crossing. The trail ascends to Sassagras Hill before passing Mile Marker 18 at Rocky Point's parking area. The trail moves to a set of steps to a three-way intersection and curve right into the woods. It then leads to a ridge where it crosses GA 190 and onto the beaver pond on the left. The trail ultimately leads to a mountain stream as it finally parallels back to the Pine Mountain Trail to the kiosk trailhead.

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